Why ReFresh?

We ReFresh Your Culture

Did you know that something as simple as a healthy work environment and appealing breakroom can directly affect your bottom line?

Your greatest asset is your workforce: every day they deliver on their promise to you, whether it is making a product, selling a service or ensuring your organization runs smoothly. As an employer, you know that retaining quality employees means more than just the number on a paycheck. Today, operating costs continue to rise as does the cost of most employee benefits.

It may surprise you that something as simple as a clean and healthy work environment means more productive employees, less absenteeism, and a budget-friendly outlook for you.

We ReFresh Your Health

ReFresh focuses on providing clean, modern, and cost-effective services that enhance your company culture through cleaning, vending, micro-markets, coffee & water products.

Our comprehensive cleaning services go deeper than standard cleaning companies to include germ-fighting details such as cleaning telephones, light switches, and doorknobs – those high traffic areas that can lead to sickness and absenteeism throughout your workforce.

We ReFresh Your Budget

ReFresh is a budget-friendly solution by coupling cleaning services with our high-tech refreshment services. Modern vending machines with fresh and healthy food and beverage options appeals to your employees while reinforcing their perception of being valued by their employer.

Whether you invite us in to your company for cleaning, vending or both, we can ReFresh your health, ReFresh your budget, and ReFresh your culture for less than you’d expect.

WHY ReFRESH? - We are always looking at new ways of doing things to provide competitively priced and exemplary service.

Let Us Show You Why ReFresh

Our philosophy is wrapped around old fashioned customer service, beginning with our employees and extending to our customers. We strongly believe in feedback and taking the time to listen to and engage with our employees, customers, and suppliers. We’d like to listen to you and help you ReFresh your outlook. Contact us today.